Lillian Liu--Project Manager

Over 16 years operation experiences in electronic product  category
Cooperate with various customers in different product category, including flash products, tablet computers, mobile phones, smart wearable products, outdoor cycling products etc.
And participate in the new project introduction of a number of innovative products, such as Smart Nora, Tapplock, Intuition Robotics, Digitsole etc.
Familiar with industry trend information, good at communication, excellent customer service
Familiar with the ODM project process, coordinate with product manager to manage project progress
Familiar with product cost structure and provide the most reasonable price based on customer needs

Snow Fu--Product Manager

Over 18 years operation experiences in electronic product  category.
Leading the product function definition and development of smart wearable product and bike navigation devices, engaged in the first generation of COROS helmets, and obtaining patent.
Have abundant supply chain resources and be good at cost control.
Rich experience in production operations, control production engineering management.

Zhang DengYue--Hardware Engineer

Over 18 years experiences in electronic product  hardware design
Good at communication and obtaining the requirements for customer's design, summarize and analyze the requirements into specific hardware implementations. 
Familiar with mainstream chips and solutions on the market, select the best solution according customer's requirements.
Have a lot of practical experience, accumulated the key knowledge of PCB design, familiar with the relevant requirements of production and processing technology in PCB design, and can quickly solve hardware debugging problems.
Participated in project: A detection and reminder system for fatigue driving based on the Internet of Vehicles, and obtained a patent